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Capitation charge, an omnibus entitlement with class levels for service(s) provided within the pay perimeter of my web domains.The single sign on (SSO) in my domains reflects your permissions level immediately

  • The four options correspond to different permissions levels and the associated with roles providing transaction authentication. Actual prices are 工 denominated with a 3rd party overhead, which will vary with the pile on from whatever entities are between you and I, except for 2nd class where I absorb the fees. The others reflect the unmarked up 工  price, the fiat price will show at checkout.

  • tx-authentication has two base levels, First and Second class which are 200 and 20 工 per calendar quarter approximated here by a Shopify USD effective fx which is set yearly from current 工 exchange and other tx costs.
  • The entitlement period for first and second class is 90 full days after the transaction, a year for the others.

First and second class are vended in the SB-SFF app, only developer and operator thru  the Shopify carting here . First class is required to start a Shopify job which includes a domain <yourDomain>.ai-integration.biz, where it will be the work locus and development shopify dev instance associated with the job and is included with the Developer and Operator cartables here. Neither should be purchased here if you do not intend to use Shopify but both are general and can be used for non-Shopify work in my domains.

There is no entitlement cheaper than Second Class. For special cases a coupon is provided which refunds it, or reduces it to a nominal charge for source code services.

Prices were last struck here for Shopify in December, 2020.