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Domains capitation charge.

  • Variants of this SKU are associated with roles in my domains which are transaction authenticated. Different variants have different entitlements as managed by the single sign on (SSO) in my domains which for low privilege and essentially zero entitlement, is free. 

  • tx-authenticated has two base levels, First and Second class which are 100 and 1 工 ( IMU ) approximated by periodically updated recent USD fx here.

  • Client class roles are zero price but tx-authenticated, either implicitly by an app or product purchase or as a token tx during profile creation/maintenance.  

  • Other Role Classes are uniformly priced, and the entitlement period is always a whole number of calendar years from the transaction.

This charge typically occurs bundled/selected in-app and then grants an associated scope of entitlement in my domains, and will be available in the production Shopify site shopify.ai-integration.biz, where it will be associated with deployments from my Shopify dev stores.