DS Project Enterprise Service

DS Project Enterprise Service

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This entry is for integration with a clients systems and administration at the base system software level, not for detail project management services distinct from those provided by the system automation and not for derivations of TASKPM. If client is using Shopify a dev store will be created for the activity.

        TASKPM - Task and Project Management Domain of Integration

Vended as AKTLDRPL in the DS App, TASKPM is an integration of selected tools in the task and project management domain ( tl:dr[TASKPM] ) It presents a single ubiquitous language and mode for the domain and integration services for data flows between the tools which the user retains in files in their domains CMS profile/account. TASKPM is meant to be showcase for DCP NLP, managing and integrating these currently selected tools:

    • Google Calendar
    • Microsoft Project (as a premium service).
    • Taskwarrior and Timewarrior: command line tools for personal task and time management.

An intended anchor of the DS ledger time keeping aspects with a tie in to accounting as expressed in the plaintext ledger ecosys.